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Culture and Performance are intertwined. One drives another. Absence of one dissipates other. One cannot foster Performance without building the right Culture.

I am not talking about performance by performers. They anyways perform. I am talking about company wide Performance — by everyone. Capable or otherwise, at all levels and across all layers.

A company is an entity beyond brick & mortar. Company can achieve what individuals cannot. It is because a company imbibes collective capabilities and intellect over individual ones.

How then Performance could be only restricted to a chosen few?

Various management research universities and professional consulting firms have come out with various PDC models. Each model has its strength and lacunae. The key questions remains whether if culture and performance are text book theory concepts or is there a model that can be implemented by companies to gain actual outcomes?

Fortunately there is. Here I define the 5P Model to understand and implement a Performance Driven Culture across the company and its business ecosystem.

PDC is about fostering the right Personalities. These personalities then help to define clear, transparent and equal opportunity Practices in the company. Good practices help in building great Perceptions across teams. Company-wide good perceptions helps to build widespread Positivity. Positivity in the environment is at the core of driving great Performance.

Performance Driven Culture sets an organization for,

  1. Value Creation
  2. Talent Retention
  3. 360 Degree Productivity
  4. Organization Accountability
  5. Tactical Excellence
  6. Innovation

So, How to build a Performance Driven Culture?

The Performance Driven Culture comprises of building and implementing 5P’s.


    Personalities supersedes People. People change while personalities remain embedded in the company culture. A great company culture churns out strong, energetic and tenacious personalities.

    So what defines great personalities?

    Personalities is about Leadership, Ownership & Mentorship

    Leadership is about Character. Ownership is about Attitude. Mentorship is about Nurture. The character traits are Respect, Integrity & Inclusiveness. Attitude traits are Problem solving, Proactiveness & Sacrifices. Nurturing traits are Insights, Empathy & Perseverance.


    Practices are the backbone of a company. Good practices ensures that the company stays ahead in the business curve consistently. Absence of good practices leads a company to disaster.

    So what defines good practices?

    Practices is about Transparency, Accountability & Egalitarianism

    Transparency is about System. Accountability is about Processes. Egalitarianism is about Philosophy. System traits are unbroken Communication, 2-Way feedback & Responsibility Rewards metrics. Processes traits are Structure, Norms & Measurements. Philosophy traits are Growth, Values and Promises.


    Perceptions are stronger than reality because they are hard to build. Reality exist by itself. It takes grind, patience and intelligence to shape up the right perceptions.

    So what does it take to build Perceptions?

    Perceptions is about Initiatives, Benefactions & Facts

    Initiatives that lead the Market. Benefactions is about Employees. Facts is about the Industry. Market is lead by Talent, Budgets & Experiments. Employee excel with Balance, Benefits & Sentience. Facts lead with Research, Benchmarks & Innovation.


    Positivity is a company’s lifeline. Positivity drives workplace energy, harmony and performance. Companies that lack positivity in workplaces struggle to foster performance driven culture.

    So how to foster positivity?

    Positivity is about Trust, Aspirations & Vibrancy

    Trust is fostered by Leadership. Aspirations is about People. Vibrancy is about the Environment. Leadership traits are Confidence, Compassion & Concern. People excel with Self-confidence, Hope and Peer-support. Environment is spirited with Diversity, Appreciation & Involvement.


    Performances are the key to a company Culture. They both are intertwined. A performance driven culture enables the company to keep ahead in the business curve and makes its brand standout.

    So what drives exceptional performance?

    Performance is about Behavior, Actuation & Outcomes

    Behavior is about Personalities. Actuation is about Motivation. Outcomes is about Results. Personalities shine with the right Attitude, Character & Nurturing. Motivation drives Experiences, Mindset & Initiatives. Results are achieved with Commitment, Competence & Clarity.

So, one can see how the last P (Performance) relates back to the first P (Personalities).

So, How to implement a Performance Driven Culture?

Companies can implement the 5P-PDC by deploying the five modules that navigate in steps from Data > Design > Rules > Practices > Dashboards.

The implementation mechanism is out of the scope of this article, however 5 system modules need to be implemented. If you wish to read more and get more clarity, I encourage you to download the full PDF from the above download button on this page.

Axonlabs has developed a comprehensive system that could implement a ‘Performance Driven Culture’ in workplaces. While these are extremely complex and time taking implementations, the rewards are just as much satisfactory.

Reach out to us if the 5P-PDC model sounds an undeniable need in your organization.

Rajit Kumar

MD @winyourshine

I am passionate about transforming SMEs and Startups. After quitting my corporate job to pursue my passion, I have managed to run two successful bootstrapped businesses and I wish to share my experiences with people who may be in that journey.

My passion is backed by deep research, case studies and success stories. I hope you will find these articles meaningful. For snippets on daily business activities, follow me on twitter profile @winyourshine

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