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10 of Many Business Myths

No its not. Not even close. The biggest roadblock to growth is Leadership Skills.
Coaching is Empowering. Only Persistent minds can be empowered. Not everyone can become a Leader.
99% of good ideas turn out to be a disaster when tested in real world against real metrics.
You don’t negotiate best price. You collaborate best value.
Price is a Value Differentiator. It is a Competitive differentiator, not a Business differentiator.
Productivity is a function of Free Thinking. Micro-management kills free thinking.
Vendors are key success-holders. Customers are a subject of continuous research.
Stop managing money. Start managing business. Cashflow is an outcome of right fundamentals in business management.
No they are not. VMV are the DNA of the organization. Without these, growth is transactional.
SMEs need this more than MNCs. It is the only path to grow and scaleup.

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